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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Which lens colour should you buy?

Most people buy one pair of sunglasses and use it for almost every situation. However, I believe that one pair of sunglasses is not enough as different lens colours are used in different conditions. Today, most of the major sunglass brands comes with lens switching technology and so sunglasses from those brands would your best buy as you would be able to change your lenses depending on the different environmental conditions.

Amber/ Yellow
Amber or yellow colors are intended for use in flat to hazy light conditions and offer high contrast necessary in high-speed and/or high altitude sports such as skiing or mountaineering by filtering out blue light which makes focusing difficult.


Vermilion (pink) actually helps to absorb light in foggy or grey conditions increasing contrast and depth perception, a must for high-speed sports in the winter.


Brown lenses offer the true-color perception characteristics of a grey or smoke lens, but also retains some of the blue-light removing / contrast increasing characteristics of a light amber lens.


Clear...why? Because if you're adventuring at night, it's the only lens color that will allow your eyes to see anything at all.


Grey or smoke colored lenses are best suited for driving or general use when depth perception is not as important as true color perception.


Blue and purple lenses are not recommended for any use other than fashionable as the color actually serves to increase the contrast-destroying characteristics of blue light.

Therefore, it's important that you recognize the conditions that you usually face and purchase 1 or 2 lenses to suit those conditions. Afterall, you want to maximise your sunglasses right?

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Aviator Sunglasses - An Icon

The aviator shape has to be the most recognizable shape for sunglasses. The aviator shape was initially popular within the pilot community, thus the name. However, ever since the release of Top Gun in 1986, popularity of the aviator skyrocketed and permeated into the mainstream market.

One aspect of the aviator which contributed to its popularity is the capability of the lens to significantly cut the sun's glare. Through the use of polarized lenses, this ability was further enhanced. By the sheer virtue of its shape, the aviator seemed to offer all round protection, blocking the sun rays even from the side. Law enforcement officers have also begun to use the aviators, not only to protect their eyes during the day, but also to establish a sense of authority by appearing aloof and not making any eye contact.

As the aviator sunglasses shifted from a functional accesory to a fashion accesory, hollywood celebrities such as Tom Cruise were spotted wearing them. Naturally, large designer brands started to jump on the bandwagon and began to design and sell their own aviator versions.

The most popular brand associated with aviators would be Ray Ban. A large percentage of their models sport the aviator shape in different styles, colours and sizes. The RB 3025 (Large Metal Aviator) houses their largest aviator collection of almost 35 different colours Talk about options.

However, my recommendations for a good aviator sunglasses brand is Serengeti. Serengeti pay significant attention to R&D so as to ensure that their sunglasses are the best that you can buy. They do not just focus on the aesthetics nature but also the performance of their lens. In fact Serengeti is well known for its lens technology. Serengeti sun glasses don't just block out excess light; they actually improve your ability to see detail, depth perception and colors. The three pillars of Serengeti Sunglasses technology create this optical improvement: Photochromic Lenses, Spectral Control, and Polarization.

Purchasing sunglasses at retails stores can be expensive and you are restricted at a very limited range. However, you can easily have access to the entire authentic designer collection at http://www.spekkies.net/ and at incredibly low prices of up to 70% discount. If you are going to get a pair of sunglasses online, please ensure that you are purchasing from a reputable seller as there are many replica designer sunglasses floating around. Check out my previous post on shopping online for sunglasses

Friday, July 9, 2010

Oakley - Fashion and Functionality

Most brands of sunglasses out in the market emphasize fashion over optics. However, Oakley has made its mark by mastering the ability of accentuating physical beauty while pushing the boundaries of optical perfection. Just mention Oakley and the idea of style, functionality and purpose pops to mind.

One key factor about Oakley sunglasses is in its impact resistance quality. Although extremely important, many of us do not even consider or are simply oblivious to the severity of this quality. However, just watch, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SDtazhqy0xs, to really appreciate why Oakley stands out from the crowd. The really frightening part though is the realization of serious injuries which can and frequently do occur when such impact standards are not met.

Oakley have taken safety to the next level through its products which either meet or exceed ANSI standards. Not many other brands even offer marginally close standards. Of course, such safety requirement would be more applicable to sportsman and to those that work in the outdoor environment. Now you don't have to look like a geek wearing those big safety goggles. Oakley makes you look good while keep your eyes safe. These even provide some safety from lasers which are becoming more prevalent in modern work place equipment.

Many often complain that Oakley sunglasses are overpriced. However, I feel that you get for what you pay for. An injury to the eyes is devastating and you can't really put a price tags on your eye protection can you? Many fashion brands design their sunglasses with fashion over functionality and charge a hefty price tag because of their brand name. Oakley on the other hand has left everyone in the dust by merging both functionality and fashion.

Among the many brands that we hold, we offer our valued customers the entire collection of Oakley sunglasses. We even offer customization services. If you would like to customize your pair of Oakley, contact us at info@spekkies.net to request for customization details.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

How to buy sunglasses online

When I told the people around me that I was going to open an e-store selling sunglasses, I got many suprised looks. The obvious questions that followed were, "Why would anyone buy sunglasses online?" or "Sunglasses are products that you would need to physically try on".

Well, I do understand the skeptism that I was facing. A large segment of consumers would not imagine spending hundreds of dollars on something that they have not touched. But I believe that the world is changing and an increasing number of people are open to the idea of online shopping. When banks first rolled out the idea of online banking, many people critised it and said it would never work as they felt unsafe dealing with their money online - a faceless transaction. However, today it is almost unheard of that someone has never used internet banking. So, by relating to this, I am confident that attitude of consumers will continue to change and online shopping will gain greater acceptance. It can only get better right?

Then there other issues with online shopping such as security, risk and after sales service. Most of these issues have been overcame through technological advances. However, many consumers still lack trust and therefore you see many e-stores offering substantial discounts (up to 70%) in hopes of tilting consumers purchasing decisions in their favour. Take the Oakley Juliet for example, retail stores are charging S$820.00 whilst you can get the same item at S$565.00 from Spekkies. Ah, now most people who were considering buying that sunglasses from retail shops are going to think twice. That's the power of substantial price discounts.

So how can we shop smart online for sunglasses?  Follow these rules;

Know what you want
There are thousands of sunglasses designs out there. So start by knowing what you want. For those who don't, go to your local sunglasses store and try out their designs. Pick at least 2-3 sunglasses designs that you really like. I say pick a few designs because some of the stock held by retail stores may be discontinued by the manufacturers and online stores usually don't offer discontinued products, or at least Spekkies doesn't.

Search online
When you search for particular sunglasses models, I am certain that you will be flooded with online stores trying to get your attention. But you want the best deal right? So, take your time and visit the different sites and see their prices. Make sure you do a little research on the site, as in reviews and ratings. Saving a few dollars but never receiving your sunglasses is not exactly saving money right? Narrow the options down to your top 3 sunglasses sites.

Look at the other factors
Most people tend to simply compare on the stated price alone. However, you need to realise that different companies have different shipping policies. Some charge shipping at cost price to customers, others try to make profit out of it while others absorb a portion of the shipping cost. So you see, there are many variants and the best part is that you are only made aware of the shipping charges close to the end of the ordering process. Look out for free shipping deals as well. When we were looking which shipping model we were going to adopt, we decided that we wanted our customers to feel like they really have gotten the best deal. So, we absorbed a portion of the shipping cost and even offer free shipping once your order exceeds S$300.00. That's crazy!, Who does that??

I think this is the most important factor of all. Once you have decided which e-store that you are going to be buying from, send them an email asking them a few questions like how long will shipping take, blah blah blah. You want to assess their reply; IF they reply. Once you have passed this stage, then I think you've found an excellent deal with a reliable e-store.

Buying sunglasses online is easy and who doesn’t love to get a package in the mail, but there are risks and the intelligent, careful shopper will minimize the risk and maximize the fun.

PS : For our next blog, I will explain about the different face shapes and what kind of sunglasses will suit your face.

Monday, March 1, 2010

To Polarize or Not to Polarize? That's the question

Over the last few years, polarized sunglasses have been gaining popularity in the retail market. However, since it cost manufactures more to produce polarized sunglasses, buying a pair of polarized sunglasses can set you back anywhere between $40 - $80. Is it worth paying the additional dollar for polarized sunglasses?


Polarized sunglasses were originally designed for boaters and fishermen as the lenses blocked glare caused by refracted light off the water surface. It allowed them to work in those glaring conditions for many hours without damage to their eyes. Soon, other sportsman such as joggers and bikers realised the benefits of polarized sunglasses to their respective fields and quickly adopted polarized sunglasses making them hugely popular.


When light is reflected off a smooth flat surface, like water, it becomes horizontally polarized. It is this horizontally polarized light waves, also known as glare, which can be annoying, damaging to your eyes and even dangerous especially in conditions like driving. Polarized lenses are vertically polarized, which is what allows them to block horizontally polarized light.

Regular sunglasses on the other hand, rely soley on their darkened lenses to block intense light rays. But glare that is reflected off flat smooth surfaces can still get past such regular sunglasses.


Glare Reduction
One of the main benefits of polarized sunglasses is that it reduces glare. Things that you could not see previously due to glare can now be easily seen. Fisherman can now easily look through the surface of the water for fish while swimmers and other water sportsman can see obstacles such as rocks that would have been otherwise 'hidden'. I am not saying that you will be able to see everything once you put on your polarized sunglasses. But it would definately make a big difference. For those that drive home in the evenings, sometimes the evening sun can suddenly pop out from behind a building and blind you momentarily. This can be a potentially dangerous situation. However, with polarized sunglasses, the effect of the sudden glare can be mitigated.

Stress Reduction
By removing the harmful light rays, your vision is enhanced and therefore your eyes need not work as hard. This results in less stress to your eyes and therefore, less eye strain. I am sure you notice people squinting when trying to look at something in the afternoon sun, even if they are wearing sunglasses. That's probably because they are not wearing polarized sunglasses. Constant eye strains can result in nausea, headaches and most importantly, it can make your eyes more susceptible to problems. So if you have been experiencing any of these, maybe you should consider a pair of polarized sunglasses?


LCD visibility
LCD screens can sometimes become 'invisible' when looked at through polarized sunglasses. This is not really a big problem for most of us as the obvious solution is to simply remove the sunglasses when using machines with LCD screens. However, the real problem is for pilots as polarized sunglasses makes it difficult for them to see their LCD instrument panel. Many aircrafts have polarized windshields which can offer complete coverage and if the aircraft in question has them I see no point of any further consideration of polarized sunglasses. I think most flying associations has safety regulations against polarized sunglasses anyway.

Test the Difference

You can easily test the difference between a pair of polarized and non-polarized sunglasses. Simply hold both pairs of sunglasses out on a sunny day and notice the glare reduction from the polarized pair. It also provides a clearer vision, allowing one to distinguish shapes and lines better.

I personally feel that the benefits of using polarized sunglasses far outweigh that of a non-polarized sunglasses. So the next time you're ready to buy a new pair of sunglasses, be sure to pick a set of polarized sunglasses - and enjoy the difference!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Spekkies Trailer Video

When we first started Spekkies, we knew that we didn't want to be just the next kid on the block. We wanted to be special, different. So we slashed our prices and also offered more goodies. However, we also understand that consumers of today want more than just that; they want an experience each time they shop. So we've spent much time and money to create our website that aims to offer our customer a whole new experience. Oh yes, we've also made this awesome video...

Why are some sunglasses so expensive?

For some of us, sunglasses simply represent protection for the eyes from harmful UV rays of the sun. However, ask any fashionista out there and you'll probably get a very different use of sunglasses. Over the years, sunglasses have evolved from being a safety product to a fashion product. People, even children, nowadays wear sunglasses to complete their look. So it's not suprising that large fashion labels have come up with their own range of sunglasses to capture this growing market. And these sunglasses don't come cheap, mind you. And so, the question remains, why are some of these sunglasses so expensive and is it worth it to spend so much on a pair?

When considering to purchase a pair of designer sunglasses, one can't help but question the price tag. However, most people will admit, you get what you pay for.


Let's take Gucci sunglasses as an example. They are expensive simply because they are Gucci sunglasses. As simple as that. Large brands such as Valentino, Oakley and Rayban have been constantly building up their brand name so much so that it subconsiously becomes ingrained in our mind and we attach an image to it. Rayban has associated itself as an aviator brand while Oakley, a sports brand. While there may be some that scoff at the idea of paying extra for a brand name, others appreciate that these brands have a reputation for a reason.


Apart from just buying designer sunglasses, you are actually also buying a membership - a membership to be part of the exclusive fashion world. It's all about the image and image is something you simply can't put a price tag on. If you don a Versace sunglasses, you can be pretty sure that you won't bump into another Versace wearer on every street corner, unlike many of the cheaper brands out there. Versace, like any other high end brand has a premium attached to it - they are made in lower quantities and so are able to demand premium prices. And these prices are also rarely discounted. Why? Let's face it. If Versace slashed it's prices, everyone would start buying and the brand would lose its equity. Then it would become like any other cheap brands out there, lying in every street corner waiting to be bought.


When you buy a pair of designer sunglasses, you are assured of quality. Quality in terms of design and product. Not many people buy discontinued designer sunglasses simply because they want to be seen in tomorrow's fashion. These designer brands spend time and money to design trend setting designs whereas many of the cheaper brands simply replicate the designs by these designer brands. Furthermore, you can be quite sure that your sunglasses will not crack the next day. If it should happen, may the gods of fashion forbit, these large designer brands provides levels of service that is unmatchable. You will certainly get your item replaced or repaired with as little hassle as possible. Remember, as I said earlier, you're now part of the family..

So it's no secret that that designer sunglasses are pricer than others, However, there's no doubt that you get what you pay for. But is it worth paying the price? That's something you need to decide for yourself. Before you answer that question, add up all the price tags of the sunglasses you have discarded over the last few years and wonder if the money would have been better spent on one pair of designer sunglasses.